Oxytop's main business is the production of peroxide initiators used in the processing of unsaturated polyester resins. Using our many years of experience in chemical production, we have created a company that implements modern chemical processes while staying environmentally friendly.

The company's IMS policy is verified by the customer, who, using the products, assesses the suitability and quality of the new solutions. New technologies are developed on the basis of cooperation with the client, taking into account market needs, environmental requirements and the company's technical production capabilities. An idea born in this way is reviewed by the team, which strives to meet the expectations of our partners, building mutual, long-term cooperation.

To achieve this, the company uses adequate resources to implement, maintain and improve the IMS based on ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

We plan to achieve this goal by:

  • continuously improving our products,
  • our management ensuring the integration of the requirements of the quality management system into the organisation's business processes,
  • fostering good relations between employees by ensuring appropriate working conditions,
  • providing training and other forms of education that improve skills and awareness, including with regard to environmental protection, safety and quality of work,
  • ensuring the competitiveness and quality of the products by improving the company's operating conditions,
  • respecting environmental protection requirements arising from legislation and other unidentified requirements,
  • reducing the amount of waste generated and making rational use of energy factors,
  • continuously improving the technical infrastructure related to the technological processes carried out in the company,
  • working with partners to achieve the best operating conditions that are mutually beneficial,
  • identifying the context of the organisation and the stakeholders relevant to the IMS, their needs and expectations, which can influence the planning of the system and can be used as input for its development,
  • defining the required inputs and expected outputs of the processes, assigning responsibilities and authority for the processes, addressing identified risks and opportunities, evaluating the processes and implementing necessary changes,
  • continuously improving the Integrated Management System. 

Stęszew, 3.07.2017