Oxytop has been producing organic peroxides for copolymerization of unsaturated polyester resins since 1992. We do it with passion and great commitment, obtaining high-quality products. Although we know a lot on peroxides, we are developing the culture of continuous improvement. True humility to nature’s laws enables us to create products of high purity. While the products we produce will never be environmentally friendly, we select the components with much attention, to minimize the risk they pose. We surround our plant with greenery to prove that the highly complex chemistry can co-exist with nature.

Through many years of practice we have gained the favour upon customers, as well as good opinions of our products. High quality of products is our principle, which is appreciated by growing number of customers, to whom belong both individual producers and distributors of polyester resins. Great commitment of the laboratory team, in working out new technologies and analysis of products, is confirmed by interest of customers.

  • 1992 Start-up the company

    Establishing the company in Komorniki
  • 2004Building the company in Stęszew

    Production building - 800 m2
    Peroxides warehouse section A - 160 m2
  • 2006ISO 9001
    Extension of company

    Peroxides warehouse section B - 160 m2
  • 2010Extension of company

    Extension of peroxides warehouse section C - 160 m2
  • 2011Extension of company

    Extension of the company: Production building - 900 m2
    Peroxides warehouse - 650 m2
  • 2013REACH

    Full registration of the substance Metox-50
  • 2014ISO 14001
    Integrated Management System

  • 2018REACH

    Full registration of the substances Cetox-50 and Pentox-40
  • 2023Today

    Production over 1000 tones per year
    Exporting to 20 countries